1               The Governor-General

2               The Governor or Lieutenant-Governor administering the Government

3               The Premier

4               The Prime Minister

5               The Lieutenant-Governor if not administering the Government

6               The Chief Justice

7               (a) Foreign Ambassadors and High Commissioners

                 (b) Foreign Ministers and Envoys

8               State Executive Councillors

9               The Anglican and Roman Catholic Archbishops of Sydney (according to date of


10             The President of the Legislative Council

11             The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

12             (a) Former Governors-General according to the date of leaving office

                 (b) Former Governors of New South Wales according to the date of leaving office

                 (c) Former Premiers of New South Wales according to the date of leaving office

        (d) Former Prime Ministers according to the date of leaving office

13             The President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia according to the date of appointment

14             The Chief Justice of Australia

15              Leader of the State Opposition

16               Federal Executive Councillors

17               Justices of the High Court of Australia

18               Judges of the Supreme Court and Judges with supreme court status in order of


19                          The Chief Judges of Federal Courts of Australia and the President of the Australian

20                          Conciliation and Arbitration Commission according to date of seniority

20             Privy Councillors

21             The Lord Mayor of Sydney

22             The Director-General of the Premier's Department

23              Members of the Legislative Council

24             Members of the Legislative Assembly

25             Members of the Parliament of the Commonwealth

26                          Other Judges of Federal Courts and Deputy Presidents of the Australian Conciliation and

Arbitration Commission according to the respective dates of first appointment to one of those offices

27              Senior Officers in New South Wales of the Naval, Military and Air Forces according to seniority

28             Heads of Religious communities according the date of assuming office in New South Wales

29             Chief Executive Officers of New South Wales Government Departments and Authorities

30             (a) Heads of Consular Missions according to their seniority in the Consular Corps in New South Wales

        (b) Trade Commissioners

31              Recipients of Australian and British decorations and honours taking precedence over Officers of the Order of Australia, all according to the precedence of those awards

32              Judges of the District Court and Judges with District Court status

33              Ex-Ministers of the State and persons authorised to retain the prefix "Honourable"






(Published in Government Gazette No. 116 of 16th August 1991)