Bible Study Series. The Nations in the World Tomorrow


The prophecies have much to say about the Millennial reign of the Messiah including the 1,000 year period of peace and posterity which preachers and writers emphasise.


However, they generally do not focus on the many prophecies concerning how He will reign; the actions He will take to enforce his rule; punishments upon nations; the role of Israel; the length of time it will take for Him to conquer the entire world; the New Covenant with Israel; the Temple of Ezekiel and such like.


The oracles against the nations are virtually ignored or glanced over. While many or most of the oracles are historical, they foreshadow or type future end-time events including the Day of the Lord; others are clearly Millennial. As we read the prophecies it becomes clear that God wants to have a relationship with all the peoples and nations of mankind – but only after they are broken and turn to Him. They will need to repent, serve Him and live in peace with each other. Then, and only then, will the Millennial blessings be provided to the nations.


So much is overlooked about His method of rulership over the nations, curses upon them for rebellion and punishments. The Millennium will not be a proverbial ‘bed of roses’ and world conquest will take some time. Gradually the nations will be brought to heel and national sins will decline over time.


For God is not only interested in personal relationships and repentance, but also national relationships and repentance.


The gap in understanding of the Millennium, I hope, is filled to some degree by the following studies. These are straight-forward Bible studies containing cross-references to other pertinent or parallel Scriptures, comments and references to assist. They are not exhaustive studies, scholarly works, study papers, or articles as such. They are elementary and uncomplicated studies that are easy to follow and read.


Bible Study: The Second Exodus and the Last Trump (part 1)

The Last Trump proclaims the Second Exodus for the Houses of Israel and Judah, commencing, it would seem, around the same time as that of the resurrection of the saints.


This Bible study teases out all Scriptures that details Israel’s rescue from the jaws of national death during the Tribulation; the means of their transportation to the Holy Land; the purging out of the last rebels in the wilderness; and their entry into the Holy Land to be part of the first stages in the Messiah’s global reign.


Israel and Judah will be re-united, the New Covenant made and the world’s central Temple built and inaugurated (Ezekiel 40-48).


What will Israel be doing in the World Tomorrow? (part 2)

What is the Millennial role for Israel?  Will it be just another nation or will she have the primacy?  Does the Church replace Israel or will she rule through and with Israel?


This Bible study explores in detail the role that Israel will play in ruling the world under the Messiah.


It concentrates on an issue which has been neglected or forgotten due to a number of reasons, not least political correctness.


When do the Armies of Ezekiel 38 and 39 Invade Israel? (part 3)

In this study I set out to prove that the various peoples (mainly Japhetic and Hamitic) listed in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 constitute the remnants of the 200 million horde that warred with German-led Europe during the years just prior to the Messiah’s return. This remnant will still be extant after the Messiah’s return and are brought to heel by Him some years into His reign.


From the context, it is clear that this famous ‘Gog & Magog’ war will occur after Israel’s arrival in the Holy Land but prior to or at the time of the building of the Temple (Ezekiel 40-48).


The Judging of the Nations (part 4)

The purpose of this study is to attempt to find clarity about Christ dealing with the ingathering of the nations during His reign on earth.


Many or most Christians totally overlook the fact that God does not only work with individuals and families – but also with nations. In other words He deals with societies or families that have grown big into nations – as one unit.


The interpretation of the word judging is determined by the context: it can be to sternly deal with; reign over with justice; settle disputes etc. A lot is said about His judging of the nations that it would behove us to study this topic.


Status of the Nations in the World Tomorrow (part 5)

What will the nations be doing in the World Tomorrow? What will be their role? How will they relate to the House of Israel?


An elementary collation of the Millennial prophecies of the nations under the Messiah’s reign will provide us with some information and insights into a topic seldom or never addressed


In this short, straight forward Bible study, all the various Scriptures concerning particular nations that are mentioned in millennial prophecies are sought out and assembled in order of their names.


The nations as found in the Millennial prophecies are listed and where appropriate cross-referenced or commented upon


“Kiss the son before he becomes angry, and you die where you stand”: The Messiah and the Nations (part 6)

Aspects of Millennial prophecy are over-looked by today’s Christendom. This includes the absolute determination of God and His Messiah to bring all nations to heel during His reign.


This includes severe wrath and punishment for any nation or leader that resists His reign. There is so much revealed on this in the Scriptures that it is almost bewildering why this aspect of the Millennium is overlooked. For a lot is mentioned about the judgment upon the nations - many are even mentioned by name. God does not merely judge individuals, but entire Church groups and even individual nations collectively. Why is this overlooked?


The Messiah is coming to forcefully reign over and judge the nations!

The Invisible Rulers over the Nations (part 7)

Why do we have such a vast variety of human nations (or species) on this earth? Is there a purpose for such human diversity?


The non-Israelitish peoples are mentioned so often throughout the Bible – either named specifically – or generally as nations, that we tend to read over these Scriptures.


This Bible Study seeks to inform the reader about God Himself ordaining human diversity – that is nations. Unfortunately, these gentile nations have powerful spirit Princes ruling over them, and empowering them on a predatory course or to inculcate negative attributes.


Yet He has a Plan for the nations – a means to offer them salvation with both the Church and Israel as His instruments in this endeavour, freeing them forever from these evil forces.

Feast of the Nations. Ingathering of the Gentile Nations (part 8)

As with so much Scripture and doctrines, the holy days are ‘multi-layered’ or dual in nature.

The Feast of Tabernacles is likewise multi-layered portraying several themes. One that will be given attention to in this Bible study is that of the ingathering of the gentile nations during the Millennium.