When the End Times Finally Reaches YOU!
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Take a journey through the eyes of a father and husband who experiences the worst possible times imagineable in human history: The shocking terrors and fear of impending invasion of his nation and subsequent captivity; the living hell of the Great Tribulation and slavery; the liberation by the Messiah and his experiences of the Millennium - the Wonderful World Tomorrow!

Vividly partake of his experiences, highs and lows. Terrors, tears, hopes and dreams. Then rejoice in his salvation.

Sudden destruction
Flee! For the Great Tribulation is coming for YOU!

A scenario for the worst time in human history. How will the invasion of your lands by foreign armies affect you?

What will you do when your towns, villages and farms are over run by armies massacring and torturing all before them? Will you be taken as a slave by ship into a foreign country?

What will be YOUR fate?

A scenario for the greatest hope in human history. Your homeland has been overrun by a coalition of foreign armies.

What will happen to you and your family in captivity? Will you heed the message of liberation by the Messiah?

How will YOU survive the Great Tribulation?

A scenario for the greatest period in human history - the wonderful world tomorrow

A time of immense spiritual knowledge will dawn upon the earth. His Ways and Truth will enlighten the entire world. Oh! If only mankind observed these ways since creation. Now you learn God’s Ways. Now you experience the Wonderful World Tomorrow. A time of peace, cooperation, splendour, beauty, prosperity and preparation for eternal life.

Welcome to Utopia!

Further information on the End Times

Check out further information and research here. Scroll down to the section on Prophecy.

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Comments and feedback on parts 1 and 2 of the trilogy:

… unfortunately what the tribulation will be like is pure horror and when I read about it I literally feel it in my stomach … Anyway, I will wait with interest for part 3. I was fully aware while reading the article that you were motivated to give a wake up call. You were, in fact, so good at creating the scenario that it was an emotionally painful experience. Maybe you are an unawakened novelist?

10 Oct 2012


Excellent work,


I have to admit I cried through most of Part two. It is one thing to understand the truth about something like this but having a word picture exploding the details can be emotionally devastating to those who know the truth but have never been able to see it inside. The emotional impact was like a cleansing fire to my mind. I will never be able to contemplate the captivity the same way again. 

If all of our people could experience what I just experienced I am sure they would work with a renewed vigor to save themselves out of what’s coming and to do everything in their power to save their brothers and sisters in Christ. To truly repent and begin to prepare themselves vigorously as a bride for Christ. 

I am looking forward to Part three.

11 Oct 2012


Thank you for your recent attachments including the previous one about the 'Beast'. Unfortunately, I'm not confident about responding with feedback (input/suggestions) but do appreciate your articles and will read them carefully. Over the weekend our eldest son was glued to the computer reading through - 'Surviving the Great Tribulation'.

14 Oct 2012


I hope your publication works out. I don't know anyone more knowledgeable of the subject [origin of nations] than yourself.

13 Nov 2012


I've gone through this email and watched the video. I am in total agreement with you and it seems UCG (based on this email).

I am very sorry that [certain ones] have had such a hard time of it and, it seems, still cop a lot of flack. Injustice is very hard to take, particularly when it just keeps on keeping on. No matter how strong a person is, constant personal attack and even just a lack of appreciation and acknowledgement can wear one down. [certain ones] deserve better and the attitude [they] have had to face from other people reflects their character and mindsets, not [the recipient's].

I noted in your email this quote: "exercise those gifts with humility, gentleness and patience in submission, first to Jesus Christ, and then to one another" ... For a strong man who is a natural leader (not a controller) you ... are clearly patient since you just keep on keeping ... I believe strongly that God acknowledges this and in his kindness and faithfulness will vindicate you ... Your patient endurance will be rewarded.

19 Nov 2012
[this video may be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcijkLCjC-o ]



I am impressed with your article, 'When the Good News Finally reaches you'. You have put a lot of work into this.

The message you convey is horrific, and certainly not the 'smooth things' that many prefer to hear.

 The personalization of the impact of the Great Tribulation in the life of one individual and his family has an emotional impact. It is an approach that brings the message home forcefully.

I like your graphics. They are well selected to add impact to your message.

Best wishes

22 Dec 2012


I love it! [ie part 3]

I felt joy in my heart while reading your beautiful words. I think it would probably do me the world of good to read it once a day - like medicine. 

Thank you very much for the work you do ...

14 Oct 2013