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History Research Projects was formally founded in March 1995 (although its origin is much earlier – dated to the early 1980s). The founder began his quest to understand and to find the modern identities of the nations listed in Genesis 10 whilst still in school in the early 1970s. In 1983 he wrote a manuscript based on years of research, coming to approximately 500 pages. In 1986 a contract was signed with publisher to print and distribute the manuscript as a hardbound book. 

A few months later the publisher’s efforts collapsed and publication of the book was put on hold. In the interim, chapters of the book were progressively being updated and sold as manuscripts virtually at cost. The manuscripts were eventually combined into a single book, together with other unpublished materials.

Due to the vastness of the subject matter, the book does not contain every little bit of research, but it does contain the overall proofs. 

To ensure that other writers and scholars were to have an outlet to publish their articles, a magazine, Origins of Nations commenced in November 1994. Although it is no longer published, it has reached hundreds or even thousands with profound information. We consider that it served its purpose once the In Search of ... the Origin of Nations book was published.

A further project of HRP is to preserve old and important religious video and audio tapes. A copy of the list may be viewed by clicking here.

Following are History Research Projects “Mission Statement” and “Goals and Objectives”: 


The Mission of History Research Projects is to fully research, explore and expound the true origins and destinies of the nations listed in Genesis chapter 10 and the ‘lost’ tribes of Israel listed in Genesis chapter 49.


  • The major goal and objective is to attempt to keep alive the flickering truth that the Bible contains a listing of all of the world’s nations and peoples

  • To serve others in this quest without seeking profit

  • Produce study papers to promote Genesis 10 & 49 truth

  • Sell fine works by others on the subject

  • Reprint old material no longer generally available

  • To acknowledge and expound that God has assigned certain gifts and abilities to all nations and peoples according to His will and that the bio-diversity of mankind is an expression of His creative capacity


HRP is not a Church, nor will it become one. It merely focuses on the Biblical origin of nations and their prophetic destiny. Over the years, several thousand people have been awakened to this knowledge which was in danger of almost totally dying out.


Beside the above, History Research Projects also promotes Yair Davidy’s The Tribesman magazine and books by Steven Collins and others. 


http://groups.yahoo/origin  This is a free service. Simply sign-up online and view posts or receive e-mails or digests discussing the origin of nations, world events and prophecy. We are not responsible for any comments placed on the forum - they are entirely the responsibility of the poster.

Forum Objective:

To explore the true origin of modern nations in a respectful and gracious manner. The origin of today's peoples are assumed to be based on Genesis chapters 10 (the list of Nations) and 49 (the 'lost' tribes of Israel). The forum also discusses world events in the light of Bible prophecy. Anti-Semitism and extremist views and nuisance posting/mischievous postings are not permitted.


Guidelines which all Forum members must adhere to:


Points to consider:

  • Table of Nations (Genesis 10) is important to understanding world events as all nations can be traced directly back to the descendants of Noah.

  • Germany is Assyria in prophecy  

  • In Genesis 49 Judah = Scots and Jews; Ephraim = English; Manasseh = Anglo-Americans - other tribes of Israel can be specified (eg Reuban=N French; Gad=W Swiss; Asher=N Belgium; Zebulon=Holland; Issachar may be W Finland; Levi=Welsh/scattered; Dan=S Irish; Benjamin=Norway; Simeon=scattered, also among Scots)

  • The NWO, New Age ideas etc are not the Beast or the Babylonian religion, but the old Holy Roman Empire is

  • All races share in salvation

  • God is the author of human diversity and wants it maintained

  • Globalisation is destroying ethnic bio-diversity

  • Measures that lead to the reduction or elimination of diversity are opposed by the forum. Whether they be right-wing (racial hatred) or left-wing (mixing to bring about one world race)