In Search of ... the Origin of Nations

copyright  (c)  History Research Projects  2003

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IN SEARCH OF … THE ORIGIN OF NATIONS by C M White is about the true origin of all the peoples and nations in their amazing complexity and tremendous variety. The book runs like a detective story, weaving through centuries of human history; wading through thousands of texts; data is analysed and logical deduction utilized to realize the obvious conclusions.


Based on the mysterious Table of Nations found in Genesis chapter 10 of the Bible, the true origin of the races, nations and tribes have been investigated. Genesis 10 forms the basis for any serious research or discussion concerning mankind’s origin – an origin developed and guided by God Almighty Himself!


From the time of Noah and his three sons to the upheavals at the time of the Tower of Babel. From the gradually spreading forth of the sons and daughters of men to their original locations. And from those locations to their modern homelands, the modern identities of nations are explored.


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About the Book    |    Book Excerpt    |    About the Author    |    Purchase    |    Seminars   |    Website