Middle East:

Blueprint for the Final Solution

The Coming Fall and Rise of Western Democracy

by Mike M Joseph

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About the Book:

The Middle East conflict originated, literally, in the womb of a beautiful woman – Rebekah, Isaac’s wife.  Her ‘struggling’ twins, from their mother’s womb, have often engaged in a love/hate embrace, scorching their lands with periodic eruptions of bloody conflicts.  Their descendants, though gradually lost their identity, have spread their struggle for ‘the global inheritance’ into Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere.

The march of Islam, of Muhammad, “the man of the sword”;  the present Jew/Arab conflict;  the Persian Gulf menace;  fanatic Islamic world terrorism and their main target – the West – are a direct result of the twins’ struggle, which begun while in their mother’s womb.

Human history and its future can’t be fully comprehended without correct understanding of the roots and turbulent history of the struggling twins.  You, the reader, are destined, regardless of your ethnic background and religion, to soon experience the final consequences and glorious triumph of this age-long bloody conflict.

Through the pages of this work the author takes you on a fascinating journey of the Biblical and historic records, which faithfully traced the stormy blazing trails of ‘the struggling twins,’ from the inception of the conflict to its glorious ‘final solution.’

Mike M. Joseph:

Mike M. Joseph was born in 1944 to a strict Biblically oriented Jewish 0rthodox family in British Aden, Yemen.  In 1949, his entire family migrated to Israel and in 1963 the author moved to Paris, France to study French.  In late 1965, he moved to New York where, few years later, a change in his religious convictions led him to the Worldwide Church of God – a community practicing both the Old and New Testaments’ teachings of the Bible.

From 1970 to 1975 he served on the faculty of the Ambassador College in Pasadena, California – teaching Modern and Biblical Hebrew, all the while pursuing his degree in Theology.  After graduation in 1975, Mr. Joseph began his service in the Field Ministry in the Pasadena area and other local congregations.  Later, between 1992 and 1994, he served as an Elder in the Global Church of God.

Through the years, Mr. Joseph has published dozens of articles and two other books, one on human relationships and the other on Middle East issues.  He presently lectures at the Orange County Fellowship of God, and also teaches Bible Law from the Old and New Testaments on the internet website:

Free Preview:


To the casual observer of the Middle East conflict, the issues may seem to be political, emotional and historic in nature.  Hence, political solutions, it is believed, can and must be found to achieve peace and satisfy the legitimate rights of all concerned.  Unfortunately, such honest quest for equitable solutions have been, up to the recent peace process, most elusive in nature, and so far, only partly attainable.

To those who peer more deeply into this millennia-old saga of blood, sweat and tears, between peoples of common ancestry, the tragic reality of the usual family squabble springs to mind.  Some outside onlookers may be tempted to appeal to the common remedy in all families – love.  It can solve all family feuds, they may claim.  But alas, love has not been the mutual fuel flowing in the passionate and fiery veins of the warring family members.  Until the recent peace process, hatred, animosity, distrust and the spirit of non-compromise have been mostly, instead, fueling the stormy engines of those made brothers against their will.

It is obvious that simple political solutions cannot, ultimately, unravel this complex state of affairs.  The present “peace process” may be partially successful, at least for awhile, but it is most doubtful that family love will ever spring up in the hate-filled fountains of the ancient lands.  The present, partial, Middle East peace agreements between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, as well as the half hearted attempts of “peace talks” with the Palestinians, are but temporary in nature.

Yet, there is another dimension that is often overlooked.  It is an area far beyond the scope of man to control or influence.  It is in this dimension that the true roots of the Middle East conflict do lie.  It is in this elusive realm that the warring sides can find a ray of hope.  Here, in this ignored realm of hope and sure promise, they can uncover the genuine causes and perfect solutions to their most painful and intricate web of political impasse and family strains.  Only the most astute observers know the mysterious threads that have woven, for millennia, the tapestry of the Middle Eastern scenario.  It is in this dimension only that both Jews and Arabs, Westerners and other involved nations, can find all the pieces of the puzzle and solutions to the Middle East enigma.  The road to a genuine lasting peace and brotherhood for all is not a mirage.

What is this most ignored dimension that has eluded all sides in the past four millenniums?  In the pages of this book the author intends to unfold the mysterious and hidden story that triggered the painful birth, literally, of the Middle Eastern quagmire.  The bloody trail of the mysterious twins, who sprang out of one womb to scorch their future inheritance with flames of fire and torment, will be traced thoroughly to its future happy ending.  All the unpleasant causes, sour effects and final solutions will unfold for all who have open and receptive minds and hearts.

No mere mortal man could fathom such a fiction-like scenario.  No great mind or heart could have devised and choreographed the fascinating, though tragic, scenes soon to be unfolded in the following pages before your eyes.  Yet at times, it must be admitted:  truth may be more strange than fiction.  The truth you are about to read may be, at times, unpleasant, hard to believe, infuriating, and objectionable – depending on your orientation and objectivity.  Yet truth can’t be fabricated, altered or shoved aside.  It will always be there, regardless of how we feel about it.  If you are genuinely interested in finding out the “final solution” to the Middle East crisis, fasten your eyes on the following pages.  Read of its roots, unpleasant dark scenes, and trace its final route to its happy ending.  Just keep traveling along until you reach the final stone at the end of the trail.

As you read on, you’ll discover the following sobering reality:  Both Jews and Arabs, as well as other nations, have been fighting the wrong enemy.  Those who sided with either faction have been equally ignorant of the true nature and elements that created this ever-explosive time-bomb.  Many have proposed inferior solutions, partial peace plans, and-at-times attempts were and are made to enforce them.  Therefore, the soon-coming tragic events, though not final results, are inevitable.  The time-bomb is slated to explode – regardless of the seemingly partially “successful” peace-process.  Temporarily, all sides will be adversely affected.  Yet the final solution will ultimately erase every negative trace of this four-thousand-year bloody saga of war, blood, tears, and death.  The missing dimension in the Middle East equation is about to unfold before your eyes – from its fiery beginning and mysterious struggle, to its flowing streams of quite and peaceful waters.  This dimension will pave the road, one rocky stone at a time, to its final destination and utopian solution.

You’ll quickly out find that the true nature and causes of the Middle East conflict are not political, cultural, or military in nature.  Hence, a forced political or military solution cannot transform a war-ravaged and blood-soaked land into a peaceful, blossoming landscape.  Therefore, all honest and sincere attempts to reach peace accords with either side are ultimately doomed to failure.

Mainly, the Middle East crisis is a family squabble whose members seem to have forgotten who they really are and who is their patriarch.  Yet, a family remedy is not enough.  This conflict is, above all, a spiritual and theological one in nature.  Hence, we can find its final solution and deep roots mainly in the confines of the spirit and theology.  Since the conflict is spiritual in nature, its causes and solutions must and will be resolved only by spiritual means.  This, in essence is the key to the missing dimension and solution to the Middle East crisis.

To uncover this missing dimension, let’s walk through its doors to reach the road of enlightenment through the following pages.  Let’s find out why no humanly devised solutions could ever produce lasting and genuine peace in the Middle East.  Yet peace will ultimately come, and soon.  It will not be ushered in by big powers’ mediation, peace conferences or direct negotiations.  It will come by removing the causes that gave birth to the conflict.  It will be most painful in the making, as the birth-pangs of a woman in child-birth.  The results will be, at first, a bitter pill that many must swallow.  Yet finally, all warring parties will accept and welcome its final results.

In the next chapters, we will concentrate first on the source of the conflict.  Then, we shall end with the sure solution that will be implemented regardless of the initial objections of the parties involved.  Nevertheless, the final solution will, by far, exceed the hopeful expectations of all the warring sides – be they moderates or extremists.


Chapter 1: The Missing Dimension in the Middle East Conflict.

Chapter 2: Jacob I loved, Esau I hated – a Tale of Twin Brothers.

Chapter 3: Ishmael – the Man God Heard.

Chapter 4: Haman the Agagite – the Man Who Sought the Final Solution For All Jews.

Chapter 5: Edom – the Story of Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Chapter 6: Edom and Jacob – a Love/Hate Relationship. Edom’s link to Islam, Muhammad, and the Koran.

Chapter 7: Brothers and Friends Turn Enemies – the Legacy of Lot.

Chapter 8: The Two Thorns in the Flesh of Judah and Israel.

Chapter 9: The Modern State of Israel – a Human Effort or an Act of God?

Chapter 10: I am Joseph, Your Brother – the Biblical Story of the Ten Lost Tribes.

Chapter 11: The Identity of the Lost Tribes in Secular History.

Chapter 12: Joseph’s Tribes and their link to the Royal House of David.

Chapter 13: The Northwestern European Tribes of the House of Israel.

Chapter 14: Edom and the Spanish Connection.

Chapter 15: Jerusalem – The City of Peace.