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to History Research Projects for the continuation of seminars by renowned

 international speakers, publication of future books, research, advertising.



The Tribesman

A journal by Yair Davidy on the tribes of Israel

$45.00 p.a. [Overseas order directly: PO Box 595, Jerusalem, Israel 91004]

Origins of Nations

The official periodical of History Research Projects which explores in detail the modern identities of the nations of

Genesis 10 and the 'Lost' tribes of Genesis 49

No longer being published but all past editions are available by clicking here.



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A note on HRP no longer selling books


History Research Projects has ceased to sell books (with the exception of "In Search of ... the Origin of Nations"). All information about the books available via History Research have been withdrawn from the website and the merchant credit card facilities were closed.
However, we still aim to promote books by Davidy, Collins, Hulley, Knight, Hemenway, Baucum etc via the website, flyers and seminars. We fully back their efforts and hope and pray someone can sell their books over here. However, ordering via the web or by mail is so quick and easy that this should not pose a problem to people hungering for this type of essential information.
The time involved, taking on inquiries, phone calls, letters, mailouts and subsidising the effort has been very worthwhile indeed. We have managed to keep a database of thousands of contacts as a result of this effort. This is in addition to many 100s more that have contacted History Research or who were sent mailings over the years.
But we think the book selling must come to an end so that HRP can concentrate on:
- our own writings
- organising seminars and visits by overseas speakers
- organising local History Research seminars utilising graphic slide presentations
Some years ago we also ceased publication of the "Origin of Nations" magazine simply because it was superseded by this website making the information free, without subscription. Also, Yair Davidy's excellent "The Tribesman" magazine was such a good product there was no need for duplication of efforts.
Cutting back on all sorts of smaller projects is helping us to concentrate on what we consider priorities, while still managing to help the aforementioned authors wherever possible.

Should anyone wish to import books into Australia by the above authors, do contact us and we shall forward your interest on to them