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Scores of readers who have seen our manuscripts have written asking for further information on the origins of the world's tribes and ethnic groups as they relate to Genesis 10. They show a burning desire to know the roots of all the peoples extant on the globe today.

As a result of the hundreds of people all over the globe who have ordered books or manuscripts, or who have expressed interest in the subject matter, we published a magazine Origins of Nations. The magazine is currently no longer available, although we hope to revive it some day. However, all back issues are available by clicking here.

We know that this unique magazine had been well received and appreciated by hundreds. This publication was unique; nothing like it has ever been published before. It specialised in reporting on the origins of races and peoples, assisted by the sciences.

Sample articles included:

    The Lost Civilisation of Australia
    Frisians — Sons of Issachar !
    Australia and Sinim
    Did the Hebrews really "Fear the Sea"?
    The Modern Descendants of Elam
    Japan in History and Prophecy
    Pax Germanica

    Jeremiah in Ireland

    Origin of France and its Peoples

    Who are the Frisians?