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Forum Purpose and Guidelines. You MUST adhere to these rules to continue to post on the forum:

To explore the true origin of modern nations in a respectful and gracious manner. The origin of today's peoples are assumed to be based on Genesis chapters 10 (the list of Nations) and 49 (the 'lost' tribes of Israel).

The forum also discusses world events in the light of Bible prophecy. Anti-semitism and extremist views and nuisance or mischevious or silly postings are not permitted.

Points to consider:
- Table of Nations (Genesis 10) is important to understanding world events as all nations can be traced directly back to the descendants of Noah. For example:
- very generally black peoples descend from Ham, orientals from Japheth and whites from Shem
- Germany is Assur in prophecy
- Judah = Scots and Jews; Ephraim = English; Manasseh = Anglo-Americans
- other tribes of Israel can be specified (eg Rebuan-N French; Gad=W Swiss; Asher=N Belgium; Zebulon=Holland; Issachar may be W Finland; Levi=Welsh/scattered; Dan=S Irish; Benjamin=Norway; Simeon=scattered, also among Scots. These identities can be debated, of course
- the NWO, New Age ideas etc are not the Beast or the Babylonian religion, but the old Holy Roman Empire is
- all races share in salvation
- God is the author of diversity and wants it maintained.
- Globalisation is destroying ethnic bio-diversity
- measures that lead to the reduction or elimination of diversity are opposed by the forum. Whether they be right-wing (racial hatred) or left-wing (mixing to bring about one world race)