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Recommended Religious Sites
           Good News Magazine/United Church of God
           Church of God Links  
           Wholeworld Church of God  
           Church of God, Faithful Flock
           Church of God, 21st Century (Raymond McNair)
           Blow the Trumpet
   British-Israel Church of God
           Christian Educational Services  
           Philadelphia Church of God
   Intercontinental Church of God
   The Ultimate Church of God Links
           Giving and Sharing
           Melchizedek Ministry of God  
           Bible Sabbath Association
           HWA - Church of God Audio, Video, CD Library
           Roger Waite's website Lots of research papers and doctrinal studies
           Free Bible Study Course CD  
           7 Times Online Newsletter  
           Living Church of God  
           Restored Church of God  
           Church of God Homeschool  
           Original Bible Project  
           Dr James Tabor website  
           Eternal Church of God  
           Church of the Eternal God  
         Bible Blessings Christian Resources Sellers of Steven Collins' books
           Other important links and free materials  
            Darwin & Lara Lee Website  
Emergence of United Europe
The British Monarchy The Official Web Site
Monarchist League of Canada
The European Union
BBC World News
Countdown to the Euro
Germany Alert
German Information Center
Deutsche Welle
Europe? Which Europe? ...and the word Europe does not mean "European Union"
Free Nations UK Independence Party: Rodney Atkinson

Middle East
Watch: Jerusalem
The Restoration of All Israel
Arab Net

Ancient World and Archaeology
Archaeology and Egyptological Links
Ancient World Web: Meta Index Large comprehensive index
Epigraphy Forum Vikings, Olmecs, etc
Institute for the Study of American Cultures Columbus not the first to find America

Current Events
Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Assoc Watching End-Time Events
Tomorrow TV On-line TV and radio programs of understanding
Educational &News Links Useful Sources
Good News TV a UCG programme
         Rare Genesis 10 and related books
         Churchill Website
The Lance, the Swastika, and the Merovingians
The Apocalyse according to Wolverton A humorous view
Open Bible Ministries Prophetic, Patriotic, Protestant, Pentecostal
Messianic Israel Ministries
British Culture Large compendium of historical information
Encyclopaedia Britannica History section
Founding Documents of the USA Essential background material
     Identity of Israel and Judah
         Yair Davidy's 'Brit-Am' website
          Stephen Collins website Stephen has authored several important books on the 'lost tribes' of Israel
         Harold Hemenway's British-Israel site  
Stone of Destiny
Stone of Destiny — Stolen property returned
British-Israel-World Federation Canada
         Canadian BI Association  
British-Israel Church of God A Watchman work
British Israel
Orange Street Congregational Church
         The Ensign Trust  
Ephraim by Yair Davidy
The Lost Ten Tribes by Dallas James
Are the Celts the Lost Tribes?
Celts and Saxons

Rediscovering the Lost Ten Tribes from a 

          Jewish perspective

United Hebrew Congregations Promoting the restoration of the House of Israel and the House of Judah
United Israel
Open Bible Ministries Declares the identity of the Celto-Anglo-Saxon peoples
The Kurgan Scythian Art: similar to Celtic!
Covenant Publishing Company Ltd
Covenant Vision Ministry
         Cry Aloud Website  
         Research linking Hebrew and English    
         British-Israel World Federation (UK)  
         Israel Britain Evangelistic Association  
         Bible Blessings