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(disclaimer: the links below are provided for you interest and HRP

does not necessarily agree with all of their contents)

Thankfully we have TV channels such as Fox News ( and websites such as Accuracy in the Media (, providing moderate/conservatve, pro-family views. Other excellent websites are:
The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womenhood -

Vision Forum Ministries -  (standing up for Biblical teachings such as no women in the armed forces)

Family World News - (Australian-based. Staunchly pro-family; very much opposed to same-sex marriage etc)

The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity - (opposing euthanasia, abortion, stem cells etc)
Aus Federation for the Family -
City Journal - (opposing the Left's culture wars)
Concerned Women for America - (marriage, family, children)
Traditional Values Coalition -
Focus on the Family -
Sydney Line - (correcting the lies about White settlement in Australia) - (conservative opinion vs the liberal media)
Accuracy in Academia -
Bill O'Reilly - (fair and balanced news source)
The Chronicles - - (excellent conservative news opinions)
Conservative Truth - (anti-dote to the liberal media)
Eagle Forum - (pro-family)
Plymouth Rock Foundation - (excellent resources)
WallBuilders (America's Heritage)

World Watch Daily -

Global -
Stratfor -

Frontpage - (articles contending with Leftist positions)

NARTH - (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality)

Gender Central - (pro-family & battling the gay lobby)

Don't expect to get too much of these conservative opinions in the BBC, CNN and other liberal media. I highly recommend that you add these links to your website, should you have one. Or tell your friends and family.